Who We Are

Friends of Indreni, a non-profit (501c3) organization based in the United States, resulted from the strong desire of Maria Escosa to help others, to give back a little of herself, particularly to children in hopeless situations. Over many years working as an executive in Latin America, Maria organized drives to provide financial assistance in countries affected by natural disasters and support orphanages in Guatemala and Nicaragua.

Maria’s “hands on” approach to providing assistance started in 2003 with the construction of a new Day Care Center to help mothers and their young children in the coffee plantation region of Naranjo, Costa Rica. The Damas Salesianas Day Center provides women working the plantations an opportunity to learn new skills, to provide a better life for themselves and their families.

Maria was invited to become a member of a Foundation Board serving Nepal. After a three day visit to the Indreni Home, Maria was inspired to become more involved.Friends of Indrenibecame a formal organization in 2009 to provide additional support for the 30 at risk children
living at the Indreni Home and School in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Although Friends of Indreni is a non-profit organization based in the United States, it’s dedicated to supporting neglected and impoverished children globally. Its primary focus is shifting more towards basic and advanced education and trade school opportunities, recognizing that health care and housing are still an important requirement. While our original “official” project was in Nepal, in conjunction with Indreni Ltd, Ireland, we have grown and branched out to include scholarships for older students to continue their education and training. In 2012 Friends of Indreni began expanding its assistance to the higher elevations in the Andes mountains of Peru and a renewed commitment in Costa Rica.

For all of our projects, we rely heavily on local collaboration and support, insuring a long term, sustainable investment
in the facilities and programs they support.

In Nepali, “Indreni” means “rainbow”, a perfect metaphor for these children. After “storms” of adversity, often a rainbow will appear, filled with promise and opportunities for a hopeful future. Since its humble start, Maria has been the heart and soul of this “grass roots” organization, inspiring others to share her vision of a better future, not only for the children served but also for their communities.

Caring for Children

While these children may not be orphans, many have been rescued from living on the streets where they were exposed to unfathomable risks and dangers, including drugs, violence and sex trafficking. Our primary goal is to provide a safe and healthy place to live where they can begin to experience the love and guidance, and education all children need to become competent and self-sufficient adults. Wherever possible parents and local elders remain an instrumental aspect of their culture and education.

Helping Children Mature into Adulthood

As the children grow and mature, both young men and women will be encouraged to become involved in different community service projects, based primarily around helping the elderly and giving guidance to younger children. As part of our mission, we also support projects to teach our students about contributing to long-term sustainability in these impoverished regions. Our purpose is to endow each child with meaningful education or vocational training so that when they transition as adults into society, they will be self-sufficient and have the skills to improve a quality of life for themselves and their community.